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  • Astonishing video taken at the Bangladeshi Community Centre yesterday
  • Fight broke out during the centre’s AGM during clash between rival groups
  • Police officers who try to calm the angry crowd are caught up in violence
  • Six people treated for injuries and 13 people have now been arrested
  • The clip has caused outrage since being uploaded to social media 


Thirteen people have been arrested after a community centre meeting descended into an ugly mass brawl with chairs and punches thrown.

Astonishing footage shows an angry mob hurling chairs, swinging makeshift weapons, throwing punches and clashing with police officers who try to calm the riotous crowd.

The video, captured on a mobile phone, was taken in the Bangladeshi Community Centre in Leeds, next door to a mosque, and has caused uproar since it appeared on Facebook and YouTube.


Chairman Mohammed Afzal Hossain said: ‘We already knew that we might have trouble with them so we had a couple of police officers at the meeting.

‘When the group came in, I said if they wanted to raise any issues they could in the question and answer session.

‘But they didn’t come to talk to us about it, they came to start a problem.

‘We were sitting there peacefully and then the hostilities started.

‘We are a democratic country and you should be allowed to express your views in the appropriate manner, not by violence.’

One of the main complainants was that one of centre’s directors who had left the area was no longer eligible for membership.

Mr Hossain said: ‘I can’t take the rules into my own hands. Under the laws of the organisation he cannot renew his membership if he doesn’t live in the community.’



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