East Ender Emrul named in the Queen’s Honours List

East Ender Emrul named in the Queen’s Honours List

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The East Ender named in the Queen’s Honours List is Emrul Islam, awarded the British Empire Medal as chairman of Whitechapel’s Newark Youth charity “for services to sport and the community in east London”.

His charity run by volunteers at the Whitechapel Centre in Myrdle Street helps youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds take part in purposeful activities, with sports and youth clubs as role models to promote active citizenship.

Its five principals are living a healthy lifestyle, staying safe from harm and neglect, developing skills for adulthood, contributing to society by not getting involved in anti-social behaviour and overcoming disadvantages to achieve full-potential in life.

Newark Youth London helps youngsters make informed choices about their lives before problems escalate, teaching them social skills such as teamwork, communication and time-keeping which transfers to the world of work.

It has had success in reducing risk of drugs, crime, gang violence and yob behaviour by channelling teenage energy into positive contribution to society. Activities include after-school clubs, football with coaching, tournaments, volunteering, day trips, work experience, educational trips and accredited training courses.


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